Latest:Kenya: Shock as Primary School Pupils Are Busted in Underage Sex Hideout

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Police in Kayole have arrested 10 pupils from Thawabu Primary School who were busted while engaging in underage sex at one of their school mate’s home.

The pupils – five boys and five girls – attracted the attention of a neighbour with their commotions at 7pm on the night they were caught in the act at their hideout.

The owner of the house where the 10 were holed up is said to have been away but it was their child who invited classmates over.

The caretaker is reported to have stormed into the house and asked what the pupils were up to.
“They told me they were dancing and I asked why there was no music playing. When I asked them to show me the dance moves they said they could not show me,” the caretaker told KTN.
One of the pupils admitted that they were “doing bad manners” asking to be forgiven.
A parent who spoke to KTN blamed the school administration for the unfortunate incident.
“You find that a child is in Class Seven yet they come home with no homework. These kids are very idle the teachers should give them homework to keep them busy after school,” the parent said.
The school administration confirmed that they received the reports and are investigating the incident.
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